Collection Collection

Daily collection of by-products from over 250 locations in Portugal and Spain.

The service The service
The service

The service provided by SAVINOR UTS is recognised as a service of public utility by local and community entities. It is responsible for the sustainable treatment of these types of by-products, and hundreds of economic units depend on it for their production activities. The processing and recovery of animal by-products results in products such as poultry meal, fish meal, and animal oils and fats.

Location Location

Target locations: Meat processing companies, Fish auctions, Fish canning plants, Fish mongs; Slaughterhouses, Buthers, Fish harbours, Fish processing companies.

The collection service The collection service
The collection service

• Done daily with modern vehicles and innovative systems fully adequated (effective odour isolation)

• Best pratices in terms of hygiene

• Service on time

• Personalization: we are flexible in terms os equipment and human resources, wich allows us to quickly adapt to te specific needs of each of our clients

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